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Asia Innovation and Knowledge Academy

Asia Innovation and Knowledge Academy (AIKA) is a research and academic organization, that promotes entrepreneurship in the areas of the United Nation’s 2030 development agenda and related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). AIKA develops products and services that enable people to improve their lives, communities and environments.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), is happening across all sectors and every economy’s future is characterized by rapidly changing new technologies, business models, and consumer behaviour. On the other hand, there has been no other time in history, where there is an urgent need to address sustainability challenges in areas of climate and soil change, pollution, increased consumption, loss of biodiversity and collapse of ecosystems.

Adopting (4IR) technologies and focusing on (SDG’s) will help countries and businesses with new opportunities and achieve long- term growth.
AIKA is a resource centre, under Mission Innovation for multidisciplinary collaboration between academia, research, skill development and entrepreneurs, to create the next generation of products and services that improves the planet and people’s everyday lives.

Our Core offerings are;

  • Research & Insights 

    Most entrepreneurs and companies are spending valuable time and financial resources in reinventing the wheel. We have partnerships with leading research & university institutions and other like-minded agencies and individuals from around the world to create a resource centre and a collaborative workspace to share research, knowledge and tools required to create or access, IP, patents, systems, knowhow, manufacturing processes, etc. that can help turn great ideas into applications, helping bring best ideas to life in the quick time

  • Space & Resources
    Based on the proven theory that a cluster of resources working together can accelerate productivity and efficiency, our ecosystem consists of people and facilities that can test ideas and products, build production prototypes and exhibit industry 4.0 Innovations. We offer space infrastructure like labs, small and large workspaces, warehousing, open land for farms, storage and logistics facilities, etc. AIKA - a one stop business ecosystem providing support in  management, legal, marketing and branding, human resources, distribution etc.

  • Partnerships & Investments
    The concept of doing business is fundamentally changing – away from linear value chains to value partnerships. Businesses can no longer rely on organic growth alone. Through a consolidation of a global network of, start-up accelerators, knowledge and mentor partners, investors and community, we create new opportunities for our partners and ventures. Our investment portfolio’s benefits from the synergies of the AIKA ecosystem.


We have exclusive partnerships with influential stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem. We work with leaders in private capital, human resources, analytics, data, research, accelerator and incubator programs. We work together, to align our individual strength and area of expertise, to generate both compelling investment returns and solve critical environmental and social problems.

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