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Asia Innovation and Knowledge Academy (AIKA) is an entrepreneurship and venture builder, that invests in commercialisation of research technology and aligns it with ideas and business, that are problem solving the United Nation’s 2030 Development Agenda and related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

AIKA invests and partners alongside leading Academic and Research organizations to explore new strategic revenue opportunities that complement their core competencies, while co-creating the next generation of products and services that improves the planet and people’s everyday lives.


There has been no other time in history; where there is an urgent need to address sustainability challenges in areas of climate and soil change, pollution, increased consumption, loss of biodiversity and collapse of ecosystems. 

The 2030 Development Agenda and related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by the United Nations, are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Innovations in SDG’s are set to disrupt just about every service and product that we currently use.

Achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will take between US$5 trillion and $7 trillion per year. The current level of investment by governments, development agencies, and other actors is not enough to meet these ambitious targets.

The private sector is identified to play an instrumental role in closing this gap by mobilizing just 7.76%— of the $6 trillion in global assets under management each year.


AIKA backs Research and Development pioneering new spaces. We offer Universities and Research organizations a platform to access capital and appropriate commercial market opportunities by engaging and leveraging their core competencies and existing resources in R&D and Mentoring to grow and scale start-up’s and MSME ventures.

We exist to give our knowledge partnerships, a long-term stability and a significant share in the unmatched financial opportunity in commercialisation of knowledge resources and venture building.



Building commercial ventures or MVP from University Research & IP. 




Licencing or scaling University Research & IP to new markets (Middle East & Asia) 



Technology transfer for project development and mentoring assignments for Corporates, MSME, Governments. (Middle East & Asia) 


The concept of doing business is fundamentally changing – away from linear value chains to value partnerships. The solution for today's innovation challenges resides in new ways of thinking and doing to unlock business model substitutions.


Through a consolidation of a global network of start-up developments, knowledge partners and our investment model we create new commercial opportunities for our ecosystem partners.

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  • Research

  • Development

  • Know How

  • Mentoring

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  • Opportunity

  • Strategy

  • Setup Resources

  • Talent

  • Capital

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  • Infrastructures

  • Ecosystem

  • Customer Base

  • Logistics

  • Networks

  • Build Better

  • Scale Faster

  • Mitigate Risk

  • Better Valuations

  • Multiple Exit Options

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AIKA will be housed at Limitless FuturePark, our creative lab and demonstration hub for deep tech innovation and a forward-thinking centre of opportunity that will house people and facilities that can test ideas & products, build production prototypes and exhibit innovations. 

Based on the proven theory that a cluster of facilities working together can accelerate productivity and efficiency, Limitless FuturePark will be a resource ecosystem, offering facilities like labs, prototyping centres, ware-houses, data centres, co-working, co-living, conference and exhibition centres and other resources set in a walkable, campus-like district.

Limitless FuturePark, is located in Goa, India and while AIKA will be the anchor tenant at Limitless FuturePark, there will be space and resources for partners like international University labs, R&D companies, Tech Companies, International Incubators & Accelerators, etc, together promoting multidisciplinary co-collaboration for Innovations in Industry 4.0 & SDG’s Limitless FuturePark will also be a showcase for Carbon Neutral and Sustainable Development

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